Saturday, 5 October 2013


Before I begin this write up, you guys should know that am what you call a wedding "ogler" don't know if that's even a word... anyway for those of you wondering, to ogle means to look at amorously simply put, it means to stare. Now i know most of you are like yeah, yeah all girls ogle at weddings as its what every twenty-ish lady is looking forward to[feminist, u could exclude yourselves if you like,you independent ladies]. Well for me its about the dazzle, the smiles,the kiss at the church.....yeah that reminds me "abeg make couples no dey form shy when dey talk kiss your bride, hmmm hold partner kiss am wella let your bride's leg pop! *big grin*",the food,sometimes the music i could go on and on... Anyway we would talk about my taste in music and food some other time.
Today am here with a question i know most girls......[ok we are in Nigeria] some girls ponder about and that is the question of TO KNEEL OR NOT TO KNEEL at the wedding reception when asked to feed your beloved in the presence of family and oglers? If am to answer this I will say I do not think it is a necessary act in fact, I don't think i should kneel down to feed him in the presence of people when I know I wouldn't do it thereafter; to me it seems a bit hypocritical. I know some of you will say am taking the simple act of courtesy too far but well that's my opinion. Some of the people I had this conversation with had a different opinion though, some thought what the heck? he knelt down during the proposal and it's a one day thing they will do it and let it go. While others believe strongly that the bride should kneel down as a sign of submission and humility. So now am thinking could it be that, that singular act holds a message of submission and my friend Omo who knelt down last saturday at her wedding is now humble and would no longer insult kunle at the slightest chance? Hmmmm OGA O! Anyway as for my future hubby, baby ama sit on your lap and we shall share the cake with a kiss *wink* and live in marital bliss which is all that truly counts.......................kisses! songs of solomon 8:7 many waters cannot quench love;rivers cannot wash it away. If one were to give all the wealth of his house for love, it will be utterly scorned. I totally love this verse*,