Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Hair Me Out.

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Whats up people? I hope you all had a wonderful day,cos i did. my classes for the year 2013 ended today and boy was i glad.*smiling* Anyway today is all about styling our braids and i have created five different looks that will keep us fabulous all day long.
STEP 1: Sweep hair to the side.
STEP 2: Take strands of hair from top and then strands of hair from bottom as shown in picture 2.
STEP 3: Join strands together and weave over remaining hair.
STEP 4: After weaving tightly tug on the front of the weave to make it a bit loose and there you have it!
This style is appropriate for weddings,dinners,parties.
STEP 1: part hair to the side.
STEP 2: Take a few strands from the front of the parted hair,twist together making sure it rests on the face while twisting and then pin halfway leaving the remaining hair to fall.
STEP 3:Leaving half of the hair down, pack the upper half adding the remaining hair from the twist and pack just as in picture 3.
STEP 4:Carry a little hair forward to rest on shoulder and have fun with your day.
This style is appropriate for casual outings.
STEP 1: Take a little section of front mid hair.
STEP 2: Weave that mid section all the way down.
STEP 3: Take a section of the hair on the left and cross over the mid weaving to the right and hold under with a pin to secure.
STEP 4: Do same on the right, crossing to the left forming a criss-cross as seen in the fourth picture and secure with a pin.
STEP 5: Continue this both ways making sure it covers the mid weaving till you get mid way.
This style is a bit tough but i hope the pictures serve as a good guide*fingers crossed*
This is appropriate for Gothic look.
STEP 1:Part hair in the middle.
STEP 2:Pack hair way up high close to the face leaving few strands in the middle as shown above.
STEP 3:Divide packed hair into four.
STEP 4:Make doughnuts by packing each of the four sections in to a bun.
STEP 5:Make a tight bang or a loose one with hair left in the middle. Reference bang from the braid bang style.
STEP 6:Tie a scarf over hair.
This is chic and suitable for any outing especially when its hot.

STEP 1:Divide hair horizontally in to two.
STEP 2:Weave first half.
STEP 3: Carry hair upwards including the woven hair.
STEP 4: Tuck in to the space created by the weave
This is perfect for a formal gathering, for the work place and like its name,its really easy to style. I hope this has been helpful and I look forward to your comments, now go and be fabulous! love OBY!


  1. *kisses*....d styles were fabulous.and you not doin bad gurl

  2. Finally a hair tutorial was getting bored with my styles....

    1. Yea ryt...*yawns*....lyk u had styles previously

  3. My 3best were grecian godess,bb and doughnuts and crimpson...hey others were nice too

  4. Gorgeous hairdoz..... such great tipz.... cnt wait for more

  5. V.Nice styles darl'...styling of braids isn't so tiring afterall..#winks#....Toptouch et al

  6. jst like sch, d classworks r way easier dan d homeworks or exams, dese styles r rilli cool n different, jst dat styles 1, 2 and 5 are d classworks, I've tried some, would do well and try d odas wen next I braid, I hope I pass d exams ( styles 3 and 4)

  7. Obehioye, so u r dis talented? I very much like

    1. B-izzy- body is at it again....tell us dt u knw her date of birth and state of origin,not only her full name...itk

    2. Leave her jor ,dts her own talent 'oversabi'...itk

    3. Lol at b-izzy-body...I tink dis anon is d same person dt spotted her oversabi on agatha's pic dt oby pasted earlier

  8. The styles are so cool. I'm almost always clueless as to what to do with my braids. Page saved to my bookmarks for my next braids hairdo already. Keep it up, great work!!!

  9. Thanks darlyns for the feed backs. Na we get dis blog o! Lv u guys.

  10. Nice!all so African...

  11. Fashionista docs, nice

  12. Make Una leave izzy alone joor, as her close pal get d b log nko? She has d freedom to write wat she wants as long as it's not offensive or affecting anyone's eyesight.

  13. Thanks oby, styling box braids has been a daunting task for me.

  14. Aww' dis is so nice, me loving it.. infact am trying dem out now. Thanks for d styles

  15. Wow love them all, especially the doughnut one! Its a work of art!!!

  16. lovely styles and i got a lot of tips

  17. I like the first look....its so me

  18. great hairstyles

  19. Very nice dear, i might just try out one.