Sunday, 26 January 2014


Hey darls,its been a very LAZY week for me like seriously. Wish I could share more about my week but like I said am just so lazy right now *plz bear with me* yeah also plz bear with the picture quality and by the way I love you all for stopping by this blog. *kisses*

What do you guys think of this look?

Saturday, 18 January 2014

'Cos I'm Happy ^_^

So I went out with my friends today and I decided to channel the 90's chick in me with this outfit. How did I do? Anyway don't you all love pharrel william's happy song? It's been in my head all day and actually makes me happy *smiling*(could I be anymore cliche) Hope you all are enjoying your weekend? Love you all for stopping by. Oby!

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Out Of The Blue

mehn!this purse has casted o! Its everywhere *sad* anyway I paid for it I might as well rock it.

So my brother matriculated today {yay!}. It was a nice event, met friends, ate a lot!(and still wouldn't add weight). Anyway, I totally had a different outfit in my head that I was going to wear for this event but one wardrobe malfunction led to another and out of the blue I picked this blue top (he he he) and paired with a silver skirt and every other thing fell into place. Also I had a hair dilemma 'cos right now my hair is free of weaves and in need of some saloon time and I didn't want it looking scruffy so I brought out a weave-on I have used before, pinned away and made a bun!*grinning*
I hope your weekend has been fun? If not you still have tomorrow.
Love you guys for reading. Oby! <

Tuesday, 7 January 2014


So, my break wasn't exactly eventful but I got to spend time with my family and am really grateful for that. I'm going to miss my siblings so much, they just brighten my world! Anyway took these pictures some time back and just thought to share.

I had fun taking these pictures. My brothers made me laugh so hard! Anyhoo, its back to school things o! Ciao!. Oby!

Monday, 6 January 2014

well plaid: lesson 4

Hey people, before the plaid trend runs out I decided 2 do a lesson on various ways to rock this trend.

Hv a trendy week dolls! Oby

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Not Available.

Its the beginning of the year and we all know how new beginnings puts us in a reflective mood. Anyway, I was going through the personal status icon(where u hv the available icon) on my bbm and I saw various personal status I put up last year and they got me thinking.

The first was "Jesus Saves"- I put this status up one beautiful sunday after church. The sermon that day was beautiful and compelling after which, the hymn Jesus saves was sang. My dear all I wanted that day was to be saved by Jesus O! *smiling* long and short it was a wonderful service.

The second was "Lord knows" - At this time last year I had some serious emotional troubles( being a girl,relationship palava and all what not) and anyone who knows me would testify that am not the emotional type but mehn! this period was a roller coaster ride for me. Anyway at this point I felt only the Lord knew my heart and understood me.

On to the next one "Eclectic state of mind"-actually at the end there was the eye lashes smiley and that was my attempt at been cute. This status actually sums me up and at that point I used the eclectic word a lot mostly because christian grey has an eclectic taste. Yeah, that reminds me I really should finish this fifty shades of grey trilogy but then again I must admit it got boring (yep I said it).

The fourth "changing lanes"- now am not so sure but I think this was me been emotional again. 2013 shaaaa, really brought out my girly side. I think I was trying out a new approach to life here, trying to get back strong, confident me *he he he* anyway I tried new things, some amazing and some lessons.

The last "redemption"- I had this status for about 2 months if not more. The day I put this up I was feeling very remorseful, sad and weighed down by some not so smart decisions I made that I would say were actually against what I stand for as a person. Anyway just wanted a chance to be a better person......and I got it!!

We are in 2014, its a new year,am feeling great and though some people say different year same old shit, I say different year different disciplined attitude. Don't let the same old shit be dumped on you, move away. Don't let the same old shit keep u from moving forward. Don't let the same old shit stink up ur life, open doors and breathe. lastly I will say if you don't like your same old shit then change from within after all that same old shit was once was ingested( if you know what I mean).Take charge!
Happy new year you *kisses* Oby!