Saturday, 4 January 2014

Not Available.

Its the beginning of the year and we all know how new beginnings puts us in a reflective mood. Anyway, I was going through the personal status icon(where u hv the available icon) on my bbm and I saw various personal status I put up last year and they got me thinking.

The first was "Jesus Saves"- I put this status up one beautiful sunday after church. The sermon that day was beautiful and compelling after which, the hymn Jesus saves was sang. My dear all I wanted that day was to be saved by Jesus O! *smiling* long and short it was a wonderful service.

The second was "Lord knows" - At this time last year I had some serious emotional troubles( being a girl,relationship palava and all what not) and anyone who knows me would testify that am not the emotional type but mehn! this period was a roller coaster ride for me. Anyway at this point I felt only the Lord knew my heart and understood me.

On to the next one "Eclectic state of mind"-actually at the end there was the eye lashes smiley and that was my attempt at been cute. This status actually sums me up and at that point I used the eclectic word a lot mostly because christian grey has an eclectic taste. Yeah, that reminds me I really should finish this fifty shades of grey trilogy but then again I must admit it got boring (yep I said it).

The fourth "changing lanes"- now am not so sure but I think this was me been emotional again. 2013 shaaaa, really brought out my girly side. I think I was trying out a new approach to life here, trying to get back strong, confident me *he he he* anyway I tried new things, some amazing and some lessons.

The last "redemption"- I had this status for about 2 months if not more. The day I put this up I was feeling very remorseful, sad and weighed down by some not so smart decisions I made that I would say were actually against what I stand for as a person. Anyway just wanted a chance to be a better person......and I got it!!

We are in 2014, its a new year,am feeling great and though some people say different year same old shit, I say different year different disciplined attitude. Don't let the same old shit be dumped on you, move away. Don't let the same old shit keep u from moving forward. Don't let the same old shit stink up ur life, open doors and breathe. lastly I will say if you don't like your same old shit then change from within after all that same old shit was once was ingested( if you know what I mean).Take charge!
Happy new year you *kisses* Oby!


  1. Consider it a new book with empty pages to be filled by the same old you looking to be better this year- i'm sure ul write a great 'book' this year:)

  2. Great advice... dtz wat I plan to do

  3. Whether u like it or nt, itz gonna b d same old shit cuz u r gonna remain d same person.

    1. True, u remain you but with the right attitude change you become better and 4 go shit! Plus the only thing constant is change.

    2. Great1...feel this year is gonna be beautiful!!