Saturday, 11 January 2014

Out Of The Blue

mehn!this purse has casted o! Its everywhere *sad* anyway I paid for it I might as well rock it.

So my brother matriculated today {yay!}. It was a nice event, met friends, ate a lot!(and still wouldn't add weight). Anyway, I totally had a different outfit in my head that I was going to wear for this event but one wardrobe malfunction led to another and out of the blue I picked this blue top (he he he) and paired with a silver skirt and every other thing fell into place. Also I had a hair dilemma 'cos right now my hair is free of weaves and in need of some saloon time and I didn't want it looking scruffy so I brought out a weave-on I have used before, pinned away and made a bun!*grinning*
I hope your weekend has been fun? If not you still have tomorrow.
Love you guys for reading. Oby! <


  1. I love the look. Blue looks good on you

  2. Love the skirt, bag, and your hair looks gorgeous. Love how the outfit just fell together.
    xx, High heels and Tutus

  3. You lookn very pretty Oby!! ..,and u did justice to the bun!! Congrats to ur bro:-)
    Happy week!!
    xoxo fm Kenya,

  4. U look really the clutch too

  5. Your top is very lovely!
    Quick fix outfits usually turn out better than we expect.
    You look great!

  6. The blue color made the outfit super cute, the clutch is nice

  7. Lovely outfit. The pop of color is really great :)


  8. Such a pretty look! Lovely skirt and shirt!

  9. Love your purse!