Saturday, 21 December 2013

Figure Me Out;Lesson 3

What's up people? Its the yuletide season and am not feeling very festive yet may be after my carol night in church or after eating my mum's specially prepared turkey for xmas.....yh..... that will do it!
Was surfing the net as usual (my fav past tym) and looking at our female celebrities, it came to mind to do a post of the different female figures,shapes,statures all join. So basically I will be grouping the female folks into four lovely figures even though indeptly there are over twenty-three figures. Hmmm aren't we something?

As above there is the apple,pear,hourglass and newspaper(thot this was funny). Anyway the good news is that you can have fun with whichever figure you have, you could dress it up,dress it down,dress it anyway u lyk.I will be doing a lesson on that in subsequent posts. For now lets get to know our figures so we can look fabulous this season and always.

Apple figure; here, the upper dimension of your body is bigger than the lower dimension in other words you are broad chested and most likely boobilicious and mehn we all know you can never go wrong with that. Waje is beautifully rocking her apple figure in that dress. Totally Gorg!

Pear figure; here, the your lower dimension is way bigger than your upper dimension, in other words your hips don't lie or you are bootylicious and that makes you a certified UKWU! Miss Dumas looks stunning in this picture and mehn does she rock this pear figure!

Newspaper figure; your lower,mid line and upper dimensions are the same. I personally think this figure rocks. Anything fits you like a glove especially if you can keep fit. But note: this newspaper figure is not just for slender persons, as stars like Rita Dominic and Monalisa Chinda rock this figure beautifully. So in other to enjoy this shape one has to keep fit so as to maintain this gorgeous figure. And don't you just love Eku... purely Chic!

Hourglass figure: your upper and lower dimensions are equal with a small mid section and this gives the hour glass image. This look is the especially when rocked well. Mercy Johnson looks amazing in that dress.
I hope this has been very helpful but if you are not sure which of these figures you rock open this link and find out your figure with a quick copy and paste!
Me and my silly facts anyway here goes another;more than 60 percent of the world population tilts their head to the right when kissing....hmmmm are you part of this 60?
I love you all for reading n will appreciate your views. KISSES!

Friday, 13 December 2013

twentie n flirtie: 1..2.. Buckle My Boots: Nine Lessons And A Fact; ...

twentie n flirtie: 1..2.. Buckle My Boots: Nine Lessons And A Fact; ...: Hmmmmm, the life of a girl. Just got these boots that i love to death, seriously u will have to shoot me to get them the leopard print boo...

1..2.. Buckle My Boots: Nine Lessons And A Fact; Lessson 2

Hmmmmm, the life of a girl. Just got these boots that i love to death, seriously u will have to shoot me to get them the leopard print boots so i decided to do a lesson around them.
They make me believe in love @ first sight*almost*.

So I did two looks basically with the boots, the first being a girly look and the other a kick ass look!(yes i say so!). So glad the holidays are here can't wait to see everyone.
Have a great weekend and I love you all for commenting.OBY
FACT: Studies show that men who kiss their wives every morning live 5 years longer than those who don't. Hmmm do men know this?

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Hair Me Out.

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Whats up people? I hope you all had a wonderful day,cos i did. my classes for the year 2013 ended today and boy was i glad.*smiling* Anyway today is all about styling our braids and i have created five different looks that will keep us fabulous all day long.
STEP 1: Sweep hair to the side.
STEP 2: Take strands of hair from top and then strands of hair from bottom as shown in picture 2.
STEP 3: Join strands together and weave over remaining hair.
STEP 4: After weaving tightly tug on the front of the weave to make it a bit loose and there you have it!
This style is appropriate for weddings,dinners,parties.
STEP 1: part hair to the side.
STEP 2: Take a few strands from the front of the parted hair,twist together making sure it rests on the face while twisting and then pin halfway leaving the remaining hair to fall.
STEP 3:Leaving half of the hair down, pack the upper half adding the remaining hair from the twist and pack just as in picture 3.
STEP 4:Carry a little hair forward to rest on shoulder and have fun with your day.
This style is appropriate for casual outings.
STEP 1: Take a little section of front mid hair.
STEP 2: Weave that mid section all the way down.
STEP 3: Take a section of the hair on the left and cross over the mid weaving to the right and hold under with a pin to secure.
STEP 4: Do same on the right, crossing to the left forming a criss-cross as seen in the fourth picture and secure with a pin.
STEP 5: Continue this both ways making sure it covers the mid weaving till you get mid way.
This style is a bit tough but i hope the pictures serve as a good guide*fingers crossed*
This is appropriate for Gothic look.
STEP 1:Part hair in the middle.
STEP 2:Pack hair way up high close to the face leaving few strands in the middle as shown above.
STEP 3:Divide packed hair into four.
STEP 4:Make doughnuts by packing each of the four sections in to a bun.
STEP 5:Make a tight bang or a loose one with hair left in the middle. Reference bang from the braid bang style.
STEP 6:Tie a scarf over hair.
This is chic and suitable for any outing especially when its hot.

STEP 1:Divide hair horizontally in to two.
STEP 2:Weave first half.
STEP 3: Carry hair upwards including the woven hair.
STEP 4: Tuck in to the space created by the weave
This is perfect for a formal gathering, for the work place and like its name,its really easy to style. I hope this has been helpful and I look forward to your comments, now go and be fabulous! love OBY!

Monday, 9 December 2013

Changing Spots!

Hey dolls,so today was a free day for me and I did what I loved to do best... Surf the net and I came across some really cool blogs to add to my archive and will be sharing them with you in subsequent posts. So I came across these three gorgeous ladies, one we all know and the other two are awesome fashion bloggers all in one look. So I was just wondering who wore it better?
The fashion blogger with curves! her style is absolutely chic.
Le fashion blogger with style and fabulousity.
Riri. so who do you think wore it best?

Nine Lessons And a Fact: Lesson 1------> LETS PLAY POLKA

So its 9:11pm and i have finally gotten around to this post which i have being meaning to do for three days now. This post was inspired by the house of sienna blogger you could check her up @ I saw a couple of her posts in which she did a feature on 30 ways to dress in 30 days. Anyway, I saw that and decided to come up with nine lessons and a fact! hmmmmmmmm I sigh cos I know how lazy I can be but I hope I get around to do these lessons... so I have had this obsession with polka dots lately, I think its soft, feminine and gives you this whimsical look which I below are different ways you can style polka dots.......I will let the pictures speak for themselves.
This is a simple look for drinks with friends or an outing with le boo *wink* I paired it with loop earrings,belt to accentuate my waist [this is not compulsory] and heels to add sass if you know what I mean.
For those of us that like a pop of colour I thought this yellow "purse" was appropriate for this blue polka dot play suit. Whenever you decide to add colours to an outfit, introducing them in with your accessories is always the way to go especially when in doubt!
I paired this with a tailored ankara designed jacket. This look is appropriate for matured gatherings, times when its a little chilly and for people who would rather show just legs than arms and legs. For my last look I decided to go laid back and I totally loved this look and had so much fun playing around in it.
This look is perfect for the cinemas,shopping [errrm i didn't say market o!]or for any laid back outing. I accessorized the play suit here with pin earrings,neck piece,flat shoes and pink boyfriend jacket, also thought to fall my hair to make this look really relaxed. Now I hope to see more of you playing polka! LOVE YOU 4 READING*kisses* OBY. Just want to say thanks to Cynthia for taking these pictures lv u darl * FACT:DO u know that centuries ago, lipstick was banned by the church and thought to be used by just prostitutes? Hmmm so has fashion evolved or is the church turning a blind eye?